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Saturday, 1-Sep-2007 02:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Disappearing Worker

Becoming an abstraction
The Final Abstraction
I took this series of shots in the Forbidden City a few years ago. On a cold, January morning. Workers have cleaned the Forbidden City for centuries. In the times gone by, they cleaned it for the Emperors of days gone by. Now, they clean the city for the government, and for tourists. In olden times, many of the senior workers and palace officials were quite powerful actually, and through the palace rituals, actually controlled the Emperor's life.

By the time of Pu Yi's short reign (Pu Yi was the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty), the Emperor was quite weak actually. And, his every wish was entertained, to give him the illusion of power. Pu Yi actually had a whipping boy, whom he could whip whenever he was in a bad mood. For all that, he was a mere puppet. And, the court officials had the real power.

The lowly workers at the bottom of the pyramid were, however, the faceless, expendable rats. Yes, that's the expression - faceless, expendable rats.

And, this is pretty much true in the world today, be it in the large corporations where CEOs blithely axe 10,000 or 20,000 jobs or, in other societies where the lousy treatment of workers is more visible.

So much so, that they blend into the brickwork and become a mere abstract design for a passing amateur photographer on a cold winter day in January.

Saturday, 18-Aug-2007 14:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Next Week

Hiya all. I should be back next weekend. Life has been incredibly hectic. But, the next weekend should see the return of me!

Sunday, 17-Jun-2007 12:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Water on leaves
I have been lazy. Actually, not so lazy, as occupied. Packing up house, preparing for a new move tends to occupy your mind.

So, I have been lazy, and have not really looked up any one's fotopages.

This is one entry, without too much in the text box. Laziness again.

These were pictures I took on a recent trip to Zhang Jia Jie. Beautiful place. Touristy. Lousy weather. But, the foliage was nice.

Tuesday, 29-May-2007 13:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden
In the calm of an evening on the sea when the cool breeze blows, and the sun goes down, you can feel the presence of God in the glorious Infinity of the Universe.

This is when you need inner silence to see, and feel the glory of nature, which is God.

Silence is Golden.

Enough Said.

Saturday, 26-May-2007 05:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark

These last entries are running in parallel, in one sense, to another blog that I have started. Called, From Dead Monkey, or something.

Anyway, this shot was taken relatively recently. I had gone, on a gloomy, rainy, snowy March day to do a photo shoot in the hutongs behind Qianmen, in Beijing. The hutongs are the old courtyard houses in the older parts of Beijing. Lots of narrow lanes, with some nice houses. These folks really lived in the shadow of the king.

Abut, that is not the subject of this entry. Junk is. Junk. I have been thinking about this kind of entry, ever since I saw a little series on decay, by Jankel.

We humans love to buy things and, junk them all over the place. I think we create our own kind of pollution. It's funny how much of our life is dominated by inanimate objects. Okay, these objects are created by animate folks like ourselves. But, we feel the need to make things, which we junk. And, create mountains of junk.

I met an Australian guy recently, who told of me of his life's philosophy, which he derived from the Buddhist (all old mystics say the same thing), that life becomes much simpler, if we reduce the number of masters that we have.
So, he has one credit card, one bank account, no car........ And, he says his life now, is much simpler. He's a corporate dude. But, a very centred fellow.

I will move to Singapore in July. In China, I have collected lots of stuff, which I will junk. And, in creating my own junk, I hope to reduce my masters in the future. Let's see

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