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Friday, 31-Mar-2006 14:31 Email | Share | | Bookmark
This is India - 2A. Bassein Fishing Village

From Young Boy....
To young Dude, to....
To Pot Bellied Men.
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I wanted to name the first three pictures, "The Story of Man" but, I would have needed the picture of an old man and, a dead man. I did'nt have these. They would have made the whole thing very grim anyway.

Very close to the Bassein Fort is the fishing village, where we went and, spent some time. I don't suppose the lives of these simple folk has, or had, changed much over the last few centuries. The people who lived in the Fort died off, however, like all of us.

I suppose that this is the real story of man. The famous ones live grandly and, die like any one else. In some cases, we remember their names and, try and make conjectures of what their lives were all about. In many cases history forgets even the grand ones. In due course, even the grand ones are forgotten.

The simple folk live on and, on....

Unltil evolution sweeps us away.

This is a grim entry.

Thursday, 23-Mar-2006 13:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
This is India - 2. Bassein Fort

Archway in the Fort
Walls in Ruins
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Hi all, a very long time, no see!! I know that I have been a little irregular in my postings of late. Work has been quite crazy. Then, I bought a new computer - a Mac Mini. I wanted to buy a proper Mac but, I was afraid that my little son would climb all over it!!

Anyway, Bassein Fort. This is north of Bombay or, Mumbai as it is now called. Old timers like me still call the city Bombay. Anyway, these shots were taken many years ago. I ha done a three to four month photography class a little over 20 years ago and, a bunch of us went up to Bassein by train. A pretty distance. The fort was magnificent. I loved the place. We photographed the place between 10 am and about 1 pm. Not the best time to do photography but, it was still worth it.

I love walking in old ruins. You don't always get a sense of the history of the place but, in places like this, you sometimes get the feeling of what it is like to be forgotten. I don't know how many people in Bombay or, India know about Bassein and, not too many care. This is a fort that is not under any restoration efforts, sadly. It will dissapear one day, like the memories of those who lived in ths fort.

A bit of history may be in order. Bassein was a Portugese fort once upon a time. And, it was a thriving fortified city between 1534 AD and 1739 AD. Then, it was sacked by the Marathas. Now, there is a small fishing village next to the fort. This will be my next entry!.

What I did not know, was the history of a place called Nalasopara just 10 km from Bassein. Today, a self respecting person from Bombay would not step foot in Nalasopara. It's considered to be quite a backwater. But, it was the capital of the coastal Konkan region of India between 1500 BC and 1300 BC. And, it is believed to be the birthplace of the Buddha in an earlier life. Times change. The moving finger does move......

But, maybe someday I will go to the backwater of Nlasopara to do some photography..

Wednesday, 15-Feb-2006 14:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunrise. HangZhou. 26 September 6:15 am

Before the sun came up
Waiting for the sun
The sun, the cityscape
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This is the last of the lot of HangZhou that I am going to put up for a while. I have some shots of the people and, I have some black and white ones as well but, I'll come back to these later.

This morning again, the sun played hide and seek but, Apollo was kinder to me than he was the previous evening. I did get some decent stuff in the morning. Early morning. What was in the song "Morning has broken?" The lyrics went ".... God's recreation, of the new day.

This is entry # 70 for me. At entry # 100, I shall put up a picture of me in my towel!!

Tuesday, 7-Feb-2006 08:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sunset - HangZhou. 25 September 2005

Sun Behind The Clouds
Tourist Boat
The Boat, The Trees, The Hills
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These are photos that I took of the Xihu or, the West Lake ( Xi being West, Hu being Lake) on the 25th September. Sunset started around 4:30 in the evening and, by 6:15 it was completelt dark. These shots were taken on a cloudy day, with the sun hiding behind the clouds most of the time.

This was hide and seek game # 1 that the sun played with me. There were times when the light was completely flat and, there were times when the rays peeped out from behind the clouds. In the last shot, of the lotus leaves, I used the light that was reflected in the water. The sky was, however, quite colourless and flat, as you can see. The secret of the last shot - a 15 mm lens. And, I leaned back in a semi-lying posture to get the shot. I used a similar wide angle in shot # 5, to get maximum depth of field, insofar as the lotus leaves are concerned.

Monday, 30-Jan-2006 11:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
An Early Trip To Hangzhou

House on the Highway
Hut Against The Pond
Small Hut
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Hello All! It's been a long time since I updated my fotopage. A very long time indeed. This is the time of the Chinese New Year so, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of you!

These pictures were taken during an early trip to Hangzhou, with some friends, on 23 October 2004. A nice autumn day. Our driver got caught by the police, when cutting across lanes on the highway. So, I took the time to walk around and, to take some pictures of the huts and houses on the highway.

We reached late and, went to the Ling Yin Si or, the Temple of the Recling Soul, as it is called in English. I also took some pics of people praying but, have not put them up.

There is Heaven in the Sky and, Hangzhou and SuZhou on the Earth, as they used to say long ago. So, there'll be more of Hangzhou soon!

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