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Sunday, 25-Jun-2006 06:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I Searched For Him Through The Ages, And Across The World. But..

In Panvel, India
In Cincinnati, USA
In Gaillard, France
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I searched for him in various countries across the world. And, across many years. I stalked the playgrounds of the world and, kept a close watch on all the park benches. I thought that I would, sometime, catch him sitting on a park bench, leering at the young girls, with bad intent. With his long beard and, his long, straggly hair. With pieces of his broken luck lying on the ground besides him. The pieces that he spit out of his mouth, as he catches his rattling breath.

I thought that I would see him in his shabby coat, smeared with his finger grease. I searched for him in spring, when the flowers bloom like madness. I thought that I would catch him in the winter, in December's foggy breeze, when the ice would cling to his beard in screaming agony.

But, each time I would approach, I think he would shuffle off before I aoulc catch up with him and, I'd be left standing and saying. "... my friend, don't you start away uneasy. You poor old sod, it's only me". But no! The closest I got to him was in one park where he shuffled off in such a hurry, he left his old boots on the ground. Where did he run to? After the frilly panties? I don't think so.

At some point towards the end, I am sure many will probably end up like him. And, I am sure that they'd both sit on the park bench together and, gaze at all the young girls with bad intent. And, I'd probably say, "Aqualung my friend, don't you start away uneasy. You poor old sod you see, he's only you".

Sunday, 18-Jun-2006 10:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Faces Through The Ages - 15. People Are Strange

The Pole Position
Light My Fire
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This is my last entry from that afternoon in Sydney. I spent the afternoon walking around the Opera House area. 'twas good fun. This was the first time I saw people making a living or, an extra weekend buck, entertaining people by doing, what I thought were rather strange things.

Subsequently, I have seen this kind of thing in several cities but, the first time around, I thought it strange.

Now, I don't know. I have been used to pretty strange sights in India. Someday, I will walk around and photograph the strange things I have seem in my homeland, and the strange things people do, to make a living there. But, I expect it in India, which is a poor country. I, in all my naivety, never expected to see this in a rich country like Australia. Stupid of me, actually.

Making money is one of the prime activities of humanity ever sine money was invented. And, the world has always been, and will always be, full of have's and have-not's.

Can't do without money but, did the inventor's of trade, commerce and money ever think that they would be creating something that would rule our lives?

So, while these men and women, put on their shows for us, you can see the other side of the show, when they take a break or, when the music's over. On the street, we are all naked.

Friday, 16-Jun-2006 13:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Laziness Continues. And, turns a Ghastly Hue!!

The Ghastly Hue
Oh yes, the laziness continues. I promise to get back to some blah-blah-yak-yak soon!!

Actually, this is not the product of laziness. I converted the original to black & white. And then, I added some strange tones to the black & white. Yeah, I know Rina prefers colour and, natural colour I am sure. But, I like these ghastly hues, once in a while. These kind of remind me of dream worlds in which we all live once in a while.

Kind of, magical, ghostly. Where the werewolves play. Now, I am beginning to get to the tipping point. Which brings me to JP Harr's question - are you obliged to ganbe until you reach the tipping point? Well, in China, they are nice. I like the Chinese. If you say "gou le" (enough!), they listen. Some of the other Oriental races, I hear, take you beyond the tipping point.

So, back to the rambling. Did I succeed in converting a nice, sunny afternoon shot to the image of a strange dreamworld?

Thursday, 15-Jun-2006 09:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The clouds have lost their colour!!

Now, they are black & white
I am continuing my lazy spree!! I have, for this entry, converted the clouds in Sydney to Black & White. Laziness, thy name is mine!!

Sunday, 11-Jun-2006 12:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One View - Clouds in Sydney

Clouds In Sydney
Well, the shortage of blah-blah will have to continue for one more week. I am sleepy. I've had three crazy nights. Starting in Shandong Province, where I had to do several rounds of "gaembe" or, bottoms up, with some local Chinese colleagues. Alternative rounds of draining glasses of beer and maotai. Maotai is a local liquor with an alcohol content of 56%. I wished I was dead.
And ending up last night, drinking and watching a disappointing World Cup match between England and Paraguay.

I took this shot, shooting into the sun, incidentally!

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